Sunday Rivals is an indie football game developed by 26k
Sunday Rivals twitter account is @sundayrivals
Sunday Rivals youtube account is @26k_actual
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Hard-hitting, high impact arcade football video game

Sunday Rivals channels the unique spirit and fun of early 90's sports games and supercharges it into an easy to pickup, high impact, arcade football adrenaline shot!

On the field, gameplay is tuned to be snappy and fun, rewarding quick thinking and creative players with dazzling open field jukes and bone crushing hits. Simplified rules and streamlined playbooks make it easy for players of all skill levels to jump in and immediately enjoy playing football video games again!

Sunday Rivals features fully customizable leagues, teams, and players

You have complete control over your custom leagues! Pick stadium colors, grass types, and endzone text. Define coaching strategies and choose which playbooks teams wil run. Perfect your rosters with individual player ratings and a slew of appearance options, down to what kind of socks a player wears!

If it exists in the game now, you can edit it!

Sunday Rivals features a deep Season Mode

Season Mode lets you take the reins of a single team and guide them through the rigors of a full year, featuring sortable player stats, league leaders, weekly awards, custom lineups, and the ability to play, sim, or coach any game on the schedule.

With support for custom league and schedule options, you'll have total control to create an unforgettable season!

Sunday Rivals has fully dynamic weather and time of day

Experience the beauty and fury of mother nature with fully dynamic weather and time of day! Pouring rain turns grass to mud, howling winds blow kicks into uprights, and thickening fog limits visibility as day turns into night.

When the mercury plunges, green fields transform into winter wonderlands, leaving players to trudge their way through white-out snow conditions. Ice bowl, anyone?

Sunday Rivals HeadHunter Mode

Lead your favorite team through a 4 game, single-elimination tournament while racking up points via a unique, fantasy football-style scoring system.

Fill up the stat sheet and unlock 8 additional scoring bonuses, each one crucial to maximizing your final score. After each game, check to see if your victorious exploits were legendary enough to be enshrined in the HeadHunter record book!

Sunday Rivals Screenshots

Things move fast in Sunday Rivals, gotta have a quick trigger to snap these shots!